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24th May 2019 - We are now delivering the NU18 plate cars. With plenty of stock options and strong funder support not only do we have great deals but excellent availability too! Enquire today and get the keys to your new car in record time
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Accident Management Services

Bancofleet is a specialist claims handler for insurance companies across the UK. We have dedicatedpartners for:

  • Sourcing the most competitive repair rates for damaged vehicles
  • Supplying hire cars whilst damaged cars are either repaired or replaced
  • Replacing total-loss cars with like-for- like vehicles

If you have had an accident, please contact us – or ask your insurance company to see how we couldhelp. Regardless of blame, we can handle your insured accident claim from start to finish.

You pay nothing throughout your claim management and your car is returned to you, repaired andas new!

In the event of a total-loss, you could find that your insurance company may already have anagreement with us and in our experience talking to us could result in your replacement vehicle beinga better spec than the one you have had written-off.

The first stage is to contact us for a free consultation with an accident manager who will discuss thedetails of your incident and within a few hours we will have you in a courtesy car, with nothing topay from you!

The aim of our service is to provide an effective claims management service and to take all the stressaway from dealing with your claim!

For more information regarding our ‘Accident Management’ service please contact us.

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